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Thread: Stubborn Cow
Created on: 01/13/11 01:28 AM Replies: 2
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Stubborn Cow
01/13/11 1:28 AM

I recently purchased a 2003 model female from the ranch where she was born and raised on. I would like to make her a "non-haltered" show circuit animal...there is just one "small" problem....SHE DOES NOT WANT TO LOAD ON A TRAILER. We have to push and shove her with all our might to get her on the trailer. We do not believe in using "hot-shots" or whips on our animals. Any suggestions as to how to make her learn to like loading on a trailer or is it useless!!!
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Joined: 01/16/11
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RE: Stubborn Cow
01/16/11 4:26 PM

Put the trailer in the pasture where she can get into it, then put some better feed in the trailer. Let her go in on her own terms. Repeat every other day. After a few weeks, she will want to go in the trailer after she sees you taking something to it.
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RE: Stubborn Cow
04/15/11 9:56 PM

I left a trailer in the pasture wide open for entry. I have a bull that learned to go into the trailer during a heavy rain storm. No trouble getting him to load up !
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